Winter Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Owners

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Owners

Winter is a time when rooftops take a beating. Winter precipitation can play a role in roof leaks, particularly if the roof has deferred maintenance, or is nearing the end of its service life. Taking care of your roof and watching for leaks can help you avoid problems like structural damage. Below are winter roof maintenance tips that can help you take care of your metal roof.

Trim Nearby Trees and Branches

Overhanging branches are a problem for rooftops, especially in winter when ice can weigh down branches and break them off. Trim overhanging branches before winter comes to prevent them from falling on your building.

Tree trimming can be a dangerous business, especially if the trees are tall or the branches are very big. Hire a professional tree-trimming company to remove problematic branches midway through the fall.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters are an important part of your building's water management system because they direct water away from your roof. Gutters need to be kept clean or they can clog and overflow.

Your building's gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year and may need it more often if the building is surrounded by trees. Have this done before the first freeze of the season. For convenience and safety, work with a professional gutter cleaning company.

Clean Debris

Debris on the rooftop can lead to gutter clogs. Debris can also trap moisture against the roof, causing problems with caulking around vents and flashing. Clean the debris off your roof before winter.

Take care - don't send anyone up to the roof of your building unless they can do this safely. The best way to get debris off your roof is to hire a professional roofing company, because the roofing company will have harnesses and equipment, and will be trained to work safely on rooftops. If you must send one of your own maintenance workers on your roof, provide them with proper training and adequate safety equipment.

Install Snow Guards

Snow that rolls off your roof could cause serious injuries to people on the ground below. Install snow guards to keep the snow in place until it melts safely. Work with a professional roofing company to get the snow guards installed without doing damage to your roof.

Perform an Inspection

Does your roof need repair? Find out by performing an inspection. You can hire a roofing company to do this or perform the inspection on your own. To inspect your roof, walk around the building's exterior. Look for corrosion around flashing, sunken areas, and gaps in the caulking. If you can't see the caulking and flashing well enough from the ground, hire a roofer to climb up for a better look.

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