Top Benefits Of A Steel Building

When you’re ready to construct a new commercial building, consider steel. Steel buildings offer numerous benefits, such as energy efficiency and durability, that support your company now and long into the future. Consider the top benefits of a steel building.

1. Spend Less Time on Construction

Choose a steel building rather than conventional building materials and you could reduce construction time by up to 30%. Steel building construction saves time thanks to precision engineering via a design-build system, state-of-the-art computer modeling, and regional manufacturing plants with fast delivery. Less construction time means you save money and can use your building sooner.

2. Choose a Flexible Design

Customize your steel building to meet your unique needs. Whether you need functional interior space, an aesthetically pleasing exterior, or a combination of both features, a steel building is easy to design. You choose the features you want and can even combine steel with conventional building materials.

3. Expand the Building as Needed

Easily expand a steel building in the future. As your company grows or your needs change, add height, length, or width. Your steel building works for you now and into the future, making it a wise investment.

4. Increase Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient steel building can yield an ROI of six-to-one on your energy costs. For example, a Butler building’s roof and wall system can achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R-40 or more, which meets or exceeds code requirements. Also, over two dozen color finishes ensure the building meets emittance and reflectance standards, qualifies as a cool roof, and can reduce energy usage by 30%.

5. Enjoy a Sturdy Structure

A steel building is capable of withstanding the New England elements, including heavy snow, high winds, and lightning strikes. A steel building also resists mold, termite, and ant damage. You gain peace of mind knowing that your building can handle the elements and stand strong for several decades.

6. Reduce Maintenance Time and Costs

Maintenance expenses for a conventional commercial building can account for up to 90% of the building’s total cost. A low-maintenance steel building gives you more time and money to invest back into your company’s bottom line. Consider a Butler steel building with an MR-24 roof system that lasts up to two times longer than a conventional roof and a standard paint finish with a 25-year warranty against blistering, chipping, cracking, and peeling.

7. Invest in Sustainability

Steel is a highly recyclable product. Butler steel buildings are made from up to 74% recycled materials and can be recycled or reused in the future. This sustainability reduces waste and conserves resources.

Choose a Steel Building

With a steel building, you gain numerous benefits as you support your company’s bottom line. Contact us for more information and a personalized quote. A durable, innovative steel building works for you and can help you reach your business goals as it saves you money over time.