The Importance of an Annual Roof Inspection

The Importance of an Annual Roof Inspection

The Importance of an Annual Roof Inspection

No matter when you install the roof on your commercial property, maintenance is always a consideration and a year-round priority. A lot can happen during a year that can cause damage to your roof or expedite its wear and tear. Having your roof inspected yearly is essential to find damage before it worsens and extends your roof’s lifespan.

The Benefits of an Annual Roof Inspection

A regular inspection by an expert commercial roofing company will prevent future problems, save money, and protect employees. Here are some of the most important reasons for an annual roof inspection.

Extend your roof’s lifespan

During a single year, your roof has suffered through adverse weather that might cause damage or material degradation. Catching damage before it worsens prevents a small problem from becoming large. Just fixing leaks or repairing damage extends the roof’s lifespan for over a decade.

Keep your employees safe

A damaged roof has the potential to become an unsafe roof. What starts as a small leak or some loose materials might turn into falling debris or structural damage to the building, making it dangerous. A leak could result in toxic mold, mildew, and slipping hazards.

An annual roof inspection protects your employees’ safety and well-being while protecting the company from negligence claims and the litigation that comes with them.

Maintain energy efficiency

A well-maintained roof means the building’s temperature stays regulated. Hot and cold weather are kept where weather should be; outside—keeping the elements out and your A/C and heating in keeps energy from being wasted.

Save money

An easy and inexpensive repair now prevents an expensive problem tomorrow. Whether that problem is a major repair or total roof replacement, your accounts payable department won’t be happy about it. Extending the roof’s life with regular inspections and maintenance saves money.

Make your insurance agent (and you) happy

Being able to show that regular inspections and maintenance have been performed tells your insurance adjuster that your company has taken reasonable steps to prevent the cause of the claim. Otherwise, the payout could be lower or initially denied if the adjuster thinks the claim is related to a lack of preventative maintenance.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

An annual roof inspection protects your employees, the building, and you. Keeping your roof in good repair always comes down to saving your company considerable amounts of money for minimal cost.

If it has been a while since the roof was last inspected or if it has never been inspected, getting an inspection on the calendar will significantly benefit your company.

As commercial roofing experts, Dutton & Garfield perform detailed yearly inspections that prevent much larger issues with your roof down the road, extending its effective life. Contact us today to prevent costly problems later.