The Benefits of Using a Design-Build Contractor

The Benefits of Using a Design-Build Contractor

The Benefits of Using a Design-Build Contractor

Design-build brings planning, design, and construction together under one contract with a single partner. As a project delivery system, it gives owners the highest satisfaction through some distinct advantages over using the multiple entities in the traditional design-bid-build framework. Bringing everything under one roof, the design-build contractor is more responsive, benefits the timeline, and saves your company money.

We’ve put together a list of the top five reasons design-build is superior to the traditional methodology.

Communication is Responsive and Instant

In any project, the more entities involved complicates the communication process regardless of how committed they might be to keeping their counterpart in the loop. When everything is under one roof, communication happens immediately.

Under the design-bid-build model, the design company has to communicate with contractors and sub-contractors, leading to possible delays. Design-build streamlines communication as one organization is responsible for every task, and all groups report to a single project manager.

The Entire Vision is Unified

In design-build, a clear hierarchy and responsibilities are established, meaning little chance of conflict. With one company owning the project, conflicts of interest do not exist, resulting in a shared vision.

Your project is in the hands of a team free of the designer/builder conflicts common to the design-bid-build process, preventing delays.

Total Accountability

Who is responsible for your project if things go awry under the traditional method? It is often uncertain. When one company takes complete accountability, they consider everything, including small details that benefit time and budget.

Cost savings result as the builder has been able to put together the overall project cost much earlier in the process, allowing for more accurate quotes. You get to establish a clear budget early on.

The shared accountability of design-bid-build leaves things undefined, typically leading to price discrepancies and surprises. Nobody wants a cost or completion date from a designer later shown to be much longer or more expensive by the builder.

Cross Discipline Expertise

Your design-build contractor is an expert in both disciplines and has assembled its teams of designers and builders to work closely together. You work with two sets of experts who know each other well and know how to communicate and collaborate.

Under the design-bid-build process, the designers and builders might not have prior experience working together and certainly don’t have the fluid collaboration of a single entity. Visions and methods might differ and delay your project until reconciled.

Custom Projects

Businesses often require projects that fit specific needs. You might have a unique vision, or your operations require a particular layout. With design-bid, that closeness with your partner brings your unique construction to life with far greater ease.

Design-Build is Simply Superior

No doubt, working with a single company with both functions under one roof saves money, and time and makes your life far easier. Design-build is the superior method.

Dutton & Garfield is a company steeped in design-build excellence and client service. Our proficiency in design-build will save you money and time. Contact us, and let’s make your vision a reality.