Saving Money With Metal Buildings, From Energy Reduction to a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Saving Money With Metal Buildings, From Energy Reduction to a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

It’s prudent to examine every aspect of your business that may have the potential to reduce costs significantly.

For example, organizations look at their energy bills and decide to switch over to efficient LED fixtures. Or they invest in a customized software solution that helps the staff work more productively. Taking a close look at construction costs will reveal more affordable options than you may have realized.

The facilities where all your work is done represent an enormous expenditure. So lowering the total cost of ownership of your buildings may be one of your top priorities now to bring your company’s efforts closer in line with your bottom-line goals.

Let’s examine how you can save money with metal buildings, from cutting down on the need for maintenance, lowering energy use, reducing insurance costs, and more.

Lower Building Costs: The uniformity of steel components used in constructing buildings and the cost of raw materials make for lower building costs. It’s also easier to work with metal when it’s been prefabricated.

Keep in mind that when constructing with steel, it’s also easier to remodel your metal building later, as the structure is less complex and is more amenable to upgrades and further customization. For companies that are anticipating an expansion, working with metal from the start will be a key part of their budget.

Decrease Maintenance Expenses: When a building manager thinks about how much damage is caused in wooden structures by mold, termites, or by the natural erosion of wood framing as the years go by, thoughts will naturally turn toward a simpler solution: metal buildings. You won’t need to be concerned that the wood will buckle or split apart as the building ages. Metal frames and panels remain intact for the long haul.

Reduce Insurance Premiums: You’ll need to verify the details with your insurer, but in general, a building made from steel is stronger than those made from wood. They withstand extreme weather, repel termites, and other destructive pests and are ideal for controlling the growth of mold. An insurer will offer lower rates for metal buildings, accordingly.

Cheaper to Maintain and Repair

Less Expensive to Heat and Cool: A building constructed from steel allows the construction team to install thicker insulation (in larger amounts) that’s more efficient at keeping the heat out during summer and keeping the cold out during winter. Industrial-scale metal buildings simply have more room in their structures to allow for better insulating, which translates to less expensive utility bills.

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