Save Multiple Ways With a Metal Building

Save Multiple Ways With a Metal Building

Metal buildings are easy to construct and maintain, and that creates multiple savings opportunities when compared to stick construction. If you have plans for a new building, here’s how metal could provide immediate and ongoing savings.

Manage Rising Material Costs

The prices of many commodities have increased recently, and steel itself isn’t immune to price increases. Almost no commodity has gone up in price as much as lumber has, though.

Be prepared to pay much more for wood construction than you would even a few years ago. Lumber prices are a lot higher, and all contractors have to pass material costs onto their customers.

While you might also pay more for a steel building than you would have a few years ago, the increase in price that steel has seen is significantly less.

Reduce Construction Costs

The construction costs of metal buildings are lower than those of wood-built ones for a couple of reasons.

First, most of the metal pieces used for steel buildings can be manufactured in a controlled factory setting. Machinery is set up to create the pieces, and much of the process is automated once the specs are determined.

Wood construction, in contrast, is a more hands-on experience. Each board must be individually cut, which is often done on-site and by hand. The labor costs of cutting one piece at a time are much higher.

Second, steel buildings have simpler construction than wood buildings. A basic wall shows the difference well. A wood-construction wall must be framed by nailing each board into its appropriate place. The same wall can consist of a single steel metal in a metal building.

Save on Construction Time

The same benefits that save on construction costs also save on construction time. It doesn’t take as long to erect a building when the cutting of parts is done mostly by machine, and when the manufacturing takes place in a controlled setting where the weather isn’t a concern.

Saving time has the dual benefit of reducing labor costs of the construction project, and lets you start using the building for its intended purpose sooner.

Save on Maintenance Costs

The savings continue even after construction, as metal doesn’t degrade like wood. There’s a saying within the construction industry: “Where there’s wood, there’s work.” The same isn’t true for steel.

With a steel building, you’ll save on routine maintenance costs that might be done by employees. You also won’t have to hire a contractor to take care of more significant maintenance issues very often.

Explore Metal Building Options with Dutton & Garfield

To learn more about how a metal building could be designed for what you need, contact Dutton & Garfield, Inc. We’ve been constructing buildings for more than 50 years, and we’re well qualified to help you put up a steel structure for your next building.