How Metal Buildings Enable You to Provide Enhanced Safety and Security to Your Team

How Metal Buildings Enable You to Provide Enhanced Safety and Security to Your Team

You and fellow stakeholders in your organization are responsible for the safety and security of people under your roof, from employees to visitors such as vendors, customers, inspectors, and others.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the structure of your buildings is strong, sturdy, and reliable. The goal is to keep the property, equipment, and people safe and secure.

For many businesses and other entities, it makes sense to work with metal, a readily available and durable material for constructing buildings.

You may determine that metal is not just suitable but actually ideal for your use case. Read on for examples of how metal buildings are ideal for improving security and safety for each member of your team.

Resists Fire: One of the chief concerns of facility managers is avoiding the risk of fire. In addition to holding regular fire drills, you will want to make sure your building is fire-resistant. Naturally, an industrial facility based on wood will be more likely to be burned down in an inferno, compared to a metal building. The fire inside a metal structure will progress much slower than in a wooden building.

Strong and Sturdy: The strength-to-weight ratio of steel is better than any other construction material. So when you work with steel instead of wood, you have the advantage of using less weight to achieve your building’s design.

Flexible Under Pressure: You might not realize it, but a properly designed and built metal building is fairly flexible. That means that during natural disasters such as earthquakes or fierce storms, the building actually flexes instead of breaking apart.

It’s better for your structure to bend with these forces. Conventional sticks and brick-style construction can lead to the construction material cracking apart under duress.

Easier to Secure Against Criminals:  24-hour lighting, security guard patrols, and motion-sensing surveillance cameras are always a good idea in an industrial setting. With a metal building, you gain the benefit of deterring break-ins.

Vandals and thieves will be stymied by strong metal walls. Motivated by the need to rummage around and steal in the minimum amount of time, criminals will move on to the next building that’s less secure.

Protect Against Extreme Weather: The harsh, brutal winters New Englanders are accustomed to experiencing call out for stronger buildings that can resist what nature throws at them.

Ready to Get Started With Strong, Sturdy, and Safer Metal Buildings for Your Organization?

Chances are you are still working through some questions about your new building requirements, from the shape and size to how it will be designed and put together. It’s also a good idea to learn about your options for regular maintenance and inspections. That’s essential for reducing the total cost of ownership of your facilities.

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