How Cost Effective Are Metal Roofs?

Roof replacement ranks among a business’s more costly capital expenses. Homeowners often have to leverage home equity loans when asphalt shingles decline, and they don’t necessarily deliver an adequate return on investment. Those are reasons why fiscally responsible people like to weigh their options when the time comes for a new roof. An increased number of property owners are discovering that metal roofs may be the most cost-effective option.

Are Metal Roofs Durable?

Unlike asphalt shingles and commercial building systems, metal roof materials come in long lengths fastened tightly to plywood and rafters. Because the materials are more peak-to-gutter secure, they typically stand up to high winds and severe weather better than others.

The enhanced durability of metal roof systems means that property owners are likely to spend less time and money dealing with repairs after severe weather events. Anyone who has lived through New England’s seasonal changes, or a Nor’easter, understands property damage can occur at any time.

How Long do Metal Roofs Last?

Life expectancy is a powerful financial consideration when choosing roofing materials. Depending on weather and upkeep, shingles generally last between 15 and 30 years. Tar and gravel systems usually provide adequate protection for 20-25 years under optimal conditions. Expensive slate, copper, and tile roofs can last upwards of 50 years in many cases.

The longevity of metal roofs outpaces these and other options by a considerable number of years. When employing high-quality metal roofing materials, property owners can anticipate not having to replace their roof for 40-70 years. Decision-makers who go with other types could replace their roof 2-3 times before a metal one requires upgrading.

Do Metal Roofs Effect Resale Value?

Property owners usually consider resale value anytime they invest in a home or commercial building. From adding a room to upgrading an HVAC system, return on investment matters. Home and commercial building owners reportedly recover nearly 60 percent of their metal roof investment. The increased popularity of metal roofs makes than a welcome construction element. But in terms of resale value, educated buyers understand that purchasing a structure with a metal roof means they may never have to pay for a new one.

Do Metal Roofs Save Money on Repairs?

The short answer is: Yes. Setting aside the fact metal roofs provide significantly longer life expectancies, they also require fewer repairs. New Englanders are keenly aware that high-wind storms tear asphalt shingles. After shingles are blown away, water penetrations flood attics and damage load-bearing elements. Adding insult to injury, moisture and warmth create a perfect environment for hazardous molds to flourish.

By contrast, a severe weather event would need to be catastrophic to damage a properly installed metal roof. The facts are that shingles and other materials suffer damage too easily and require costly repairs too often.

Contact A Metal Roof Professional in New England

Metal roofs may require a slightly higher upfront investment, but they provide improved energy efficiency, fewer repairs, and last decades longer than other systems. Those rank among the many reasons metal roofs remain a preferred choice. The experienced professionals at Dutton & Garfield install new metal roofs and retrofit existing buildings. If you are considering a roof, contact us at 603-329-5300 for a consultation today.