Commercial Roof Maintenance in Summer

Commercial Roof Maintenance in Summer

Summer heat, sunlight, and storms can take a toll on your commercial roof, leading to costly repairs. Before the season arrives, take steps to keep your roof in good shape, so it can handle these elements. Use the following commercial roof maintenance tips to prepare for summer and protect your building from damage.

Look for Signs of Damage

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can put your commercial roof at risk of developing damage, depending on the material it’s made from. Excessive heat and severe storms can also lead to damage or wear and tear. Before summer weather arrives, check your roof for signs of damage. Look for damaged flashing around vents and other protrusions, as well as cracked, loose, or broken roofing materials. You should also check for signs of leaks, such as algae or mold growth, dark or discolored patches, or visible leaks or dripping water, especially near any standing water. If your commercial roof is flat, ponding or standing water can occur. Having water sitting on your roof for long periods of time can increase the risk of leaks and water damage.

Make Prompt Repairs

When your commercial roof has ponding, leaks, or other kinds of damage, it’s important to make repairs as soon as possible. Even minor roof problems can become much more serious ones when left alone, especially when storms hit. Severe summer storms can bring high winds, torrential downpours, and other adverse weather to the area. This can lead to damaged roofing material, large amounts of standing water, and other problems. Taking the time to make repairs now can help ensure that your commercial roof is ready to handle downpours, wind, and other summer weather.

Clean Drains and Gutters

Your commercial roof needs to have proper drainage in order to prevent leaks and water damage. Summer storms with heavy rain raise the risk of flooding and leaks when your drainage system isn’t in good condition. Check your building’s gutters and drain for debris buildup, and clear them out to prevent blockages from occurring. Leaves, branches, and other debris from storms can fill up your gutters and drains. This stops rain from getting through your gutter system where it’s directed away from your building.

Schedule a Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Being able to spot all signs of commercial roof damage can be difficult. Having professional roofers inspect your roof helps ensure that all problems are found and repaired just in time for summer. You should also have roofers perform maintenance on your roof, so that all components of your roofing system are in good shape. During an inspection and maintenance visit, roofers can check all parts of your roof, including your drainage system.

If you need a new commercial roof this summer, contact Dutton and Garfield, Inc. We can build a brand new, durable roof that can handle summer weather.