Color Considerations for Your Commercial Metal Roof

Color Considerations for Your Commercial Metal Roof

The metal rooftop on your commercial building could be one of its most attractive features, provided that you choose the right color and have it installed by a capable, professional contractor. While many commercial building owners choose simple neutral colors for their metal rooftops, it's important to recognize that your metal roof can be virtually any color you'd like.

Don't forget that metal roofs can last 50 years or more if they're properly maintained and installed by a reputable contractor. It's important to choose the right color for your commercial building because your business will have that same metal roof for many years to come. Below are some factors to consider when trying to choose the color for your metal roof.

Reflect Heat With Lighter Colors

Dark colors absorb heat from the sun, thus heating the upper floor of your building on hot summer days. To combat this problem, your HVAC system will have to run longer and harder than necessary just to keep your building at a comfortable temperature.

Light colors reflect heat and can help keep your building cooler in the summer. Installing a light gray or white roof can reduce the burden on your HVAC system and thus reduce your maintenance and utility costs over time. If it's important to your business to control your heating and cooling costs while also installing a roof that's eco-friendly, work with your contractor to choose a light-colored metal roof.

Match the Color to Your Brand

Is your business associated with a specific color? Think about your business cards, marketing materials, logo, and more. If there's one color that your business is associated with, work with your commercial contractor to match your roof to that color. This helps reinforce your brand and can also help make your business easily recognizable to your customers.

Consider the Color of the Building and the Environment

Take a look at the environment around your building. What colors do you see? Matching the color of your roof to the color of the surrounding environment can help your building blend into its surroundings. This helps create a sense of harmony with the environment, thus making your entire property more attractive.

Ask to See Samples

Before signing up for your new roof, ask your contractor to see swatches or samples of the color options available. Work with a designer or employees on-site at your business to choose the right color for your building. Choosing the best color for your brand and your structure can help make your business more attractive to customers.

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