Are Metal Roofs Loud? The Answer Might Surprise You

Are Metal Roofs Loud? The Answer Might Surprise You

Metal roofs are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. They're practical, easy to maintain and made from an eco-friendly material. Metal roofs even look great, because they come available in a variety of colors and can be pressed into different shapes for unique looks. If your business needs a new roof, metal is an attractive, long-lasting roofing option.

That said, one concern that business owners have regarding metal roofing is the noise. If you've ever stood inside a garage with a metal roof, or inside an agricultural building with metal roofing, you may have noticed that metal can be loud. Whether it's being pelted by rain, hail or sleet, metal can make a racket if the only thing protecting your structure is an uninsulated or poorly insulated sheet of metal.

Does that mean that your commercial metal roof will be equally loud?

The answer is no. Metal roofing for standard commercial use and residential use is very different from the utilitarian metal roofing you might find on your backyard shed. If you have concerns, here's what you need to know about metal roofing for your home.

Metal Roofs and Noise Levels

Metal roofing isn't loud if it's uninsulated. When used on commercial structures and residential structures, metal roofing is protected by layers of drywall, insulation and other building materials.

In other words, properly installed metal roofing is going to be buried beneath several layers of sound-dampening material that helps keep your metal roof quiet. If you have a business with a metal roof, you're unlikely to notice a significant noise difference between your roof and a roof of another type.

If you have concerns, speak with your roofing contractor before installation. If you require a very quiet environment, your roofing contractor can work with you to ensure that your new roof will meet the needs of your business.

How to Ensure Your Metal Roof Will Benefit Your Business

The best thing you can do to ensure that your metal roof will meet your business' needs is to work with a capable, experienced contractor that has skill and background installing metal roofing for commercial use.

When interviewing contractors to get the work done, ask to see their portfolio and discuss their previous experience installing metal roofing. Check references to ensure that previous customers have had good experiences with the contractor you're considering.

Ultimately, finding the right contractor will help you side-step a variety of problems including poor quality work, premature deterioration of the roof and other issues. It will also ensure that your roof will be as quiet and well-installed as you're promised by your contractor.

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