5 Tips for Preventing Damage to Your Commercial Roof

No matter the age or condition of your commercial roof, regular roof maintenance can go a long way toward saving you from expensive repairs. At Dutton & Garfield, we understand that roof damage is an issue that no business owner wants to deal with. To help you extend the life cycle of your commercial roof as long as possible, we'll take a look at five effective tips for preventing damage to your commercial roof.

Tip #1: Clean Your Roof Regularly 

A little dirt and debris on your commercial roof may not seem like a major problem. Failing to clean your roof regularly, though, can lead to several issues, from clogging your drainage system to encouraging the growth of damaging mold and mildew.

Tip #2: Fix Leaks as Soon as Possible 

If you notice that your commercial roof is leaking, it's important to have the leak repaired right away. Roof leaks won't go away on their own and only worsen the longer they are ignored, causing more and more damage in the process. If there are any signs that your commercial roof might be leaking, don't hesitate to have it repaired.

Tip #3: Remove Overhanging Tree Branches 

Falling limbs is one of the main causes of commercial roof damage. Even limbs that may appear to be sturdy and at no risk of falling can quickly become a source of serious damage if the wind speed in your area picks up. To negate this major source of commercial roof damage, it's a good idea to prune away any tree limbs that could potentially fall on your roof.

Tip #4: Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected Twice a Year 

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your commercial roof is to have your roof regularly inspected by a professional roofing contractor. A professional roof inspection can pinpoint potential problems with your roof before those potential problems have the chance to materialize into costly damage. At Dutton & Garfield, our professional roof inspection services have saved numerous clients from serious damage to their commercial roofs and are a big part of the value we offer to our clients.

Tip #5: Unclog Your Drains and Gutters 

Failing to keep your roof's drains and gutters free of debris can lead to water buildup on your roof. In addition to causing leaks that would otherwise be preventable, water buildup on your roof can encourage the growth of mold and mildew as well, so it's important to ensure that your roof's drains and gutters are clean and unclogged at all times.

How Dutton & Garfield is Able to Help Keep Your Commercial Roof in Pristine Condition 

At Dutton & Garfield, we are committed to helping our clients keep their commercial roofs in optimum condition for as long as possible. Whether you want to perform a roof inspection to prevent future damage or need to repair the damage that has already taken place, the commercial roof repair experts at Dutton & Garfield can help. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading commercial roof repair and inspection services.