5 Surprising Benefits of a Metal Roof for Your Commercial Building

5 Surprising Benefits of a Metal Roof for Your Commercial Building

As a commercial property owner, you have plenty on your mind dealing with tenants and related issues, especially maintenance of your property. Since you know having your property looking great inside and outside will help to keep current tenants or attract new ones, you may be thinking about adding metal roofing to some or all of your properties. If you are wondering about the benefits of doing so, here are five surprising benefits you may want to keep in mind when making your decision.

1. Money Saved Over Time

Even though a metal roof may initially cost you more than opting for an asphalt shingle roof, you may be surprised to learn you will actually save money over time by spending more on a metal roof. Once the metal roof is installed, chances are you will never need another roof again on your commercial property. In addition, since the metal roof will require only minimal maintenance, you'll save on this as well.

2. Great Looks

If you have hesitated about getting metal roofing for your commercial property because you didn't think it would blend in well with the building's exterior, put those thoughts to rest. Today's metal roofing comes in many designs, styles, and even colors, meaning it can be customized specifically for your building. Should you still want a roof that looks like shingles, modern metal roofing can even be made to look like various types of materials.

3. Easy to Install

When you get a metal roof, the good news is that it can be installed directly over the existing roof. Not only does this save plenty of time, but it also helps the environment, since over 20 billion pounds of old asphalt shingles are deposited into landfills each year. Thus, once your building has a metal roof, others will know you are doing your part to help protect the environment.

4. Very Durable

While a metal roof may look somewhat flimsy due to the metal being very thin, it is actually very strong and durable. Able to withstand heavy weight loads and extreme temperatures, it is also highly fire-resistant. Because of this, you may actually be able to realize savings on your property's insurance premiums, since installing a metal roof will make your commercial property much safer.

5. A Long, Long Lifespan

Finally, a metal roof on your commercial property will have a long, long lifespan. As noted earlier, you may never need another roof once you have a metal roof installed. When comparing metal roofing to asphalt shingle roofing, remember that most asphalt shingle roofs may last 20-30 years, while a metal roof is likely to last 40-70 years or even longer.

If you've been on the fence as to whether you should get metal roofing for your commercial property, chances are you have now hopped off the fence and are ready to move forward with your roofing plans. Once you do, you'll have a building that looks great and gives you little worry in the years ahead.

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