5 Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial Buildings

Those with an existing commercial building may have outgrown its usefulness. In some situations, tearing it down and rebuilding is the route to take. However, there are numerous opportunities to retrofit existing buildings to create a safer, more effective solution that fits your new needs. Retrofitting commercial buildings makes sense in multiple situations, depending on the new use for the space, the current condition, and your specific long-term goals for the property. Here are five reasons to retrofit.

#1: Improve Energy Performance

If the existing structure is no longer energy efficient to use, it's possible to upgrade and modernize the space with new solutions. That could include sealing or new roofing, but it may also include more drastic solutions such as moving to solar or investing in new HVAC systems with significantly improved efficiency standards.

#2: Improve Productivity

For many organizations, upgrading and modernizing an existing structure creates an opportunity for improved productivity. This may include improving the layout of the space, changing up the equipment within it, or simply getting rid of existing systems that delay or prolong your efforts. New solutions can quickly aid in making a building more effective for the way you operate your business now.

#3: Modernize Features

One of the reasons to update the space is to include more modern features. This may include a higher quality of material or even new equipment. Depending on how you plan to use the space, you may benefit from enhanced access to power or more access to water systems. Other times, companies can drastically improve the lighting in spaces to help further encourage a more productive work environment. What features are holding your employees back now because they are older and out of date?

#4: Improve Safety

Safety regulations continue to evolve and typically require upgrades from time to time. Beyond that, though, there are many simple things to do to improve safety within your organization. Consider any worker's compensation claims in recent months. Determine what the underlying cause of those losses was. Are the floors, equipment, layout, or lack of properly lighting causing those risks? It may be possible to change up the layout or components of the building to enable better safety in all aspects of the operation.

#5: It's Better for the Environment

Many of today's companies are looking for ways to improve operations but also to do so in a way that's green. Stakeholders are often pushing environmentally friendly methods. When it comes to making a decision about tearing down or retrofitting, then removal of the structure is going to cause more waste. Retrofitting is less of a carbon footprint in nearly all cases.

Ready to Explore the Options for Your Building?

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