4 Ways to Maintain Your Metal Roof This Fall

4 Ways to Maintain Your Metal Roof This Fall

Your commercial metal roof is designed to withstand decades of wear and tear, exposure to UV rays and heavy rain, and of course, extreme temperatures.

While many metal roofs will last for years with little or no maintenance, you can extend the service life of your roof by clearing debris from the roof, cleaning the gutters, inspecting the roof for damage and getting repairs when they're needed. Here's what you need to know about keeping your roof in good condition.

1. Clear Debris

Debris on your roof can roll down into the gutters, causing clogs. Debris on the roof can also lead to more debris buildup overtime. Clearing debris on a regular basis can help keep your gutters clear and your rooftop attractive.

Rooftops should be cleared and cleaned by roofing professionals, who can do the work safely with less risk of injury. This is especially true if your rooftop is steeply graded, but even low slope roofs can be dangerous without the right safety equipment and training. Hire a professional roofer to clear the debris from your rooftop to prepare your roof for fall.

2. Clean the Gutters

Gutters are an important part of your roof drainage system. Gutters carry water away from the roof and prevent water from collecting near the foundation of your commercial building.

When gutters become clogged, this can lead to water leaks inside your commercial building. Clogged gutters are also more likely to develop leaks, sagging areas and damage. Clear your commercial gutters at least once annually to protect your building from damage.

Gutters on tall buildings should be cleared by professionals. If your building is short enough for your own maintenance staff to reach your gutters safely, follow these tips:

  • Keep the area clear when performing gutter cleaning.
  • Use proper safety equipment like gloves and eye protection when cleaning gutters.
  • Never drop debris from gutters on the ground - instead, collect the debris in a bucket.

3. Perform an Inspection

All roofs should be inspected on a regular basis - even metal rooftops. You can hire a roofer to perform the inspection for you, or you can perform the inspection on your own, if you can do it safely without climbing on the roof. When inspecting a metal roof, look for:

  • Structural damage - Look for areas that are visibly sagging or damage to the metal panels.
  • Loose fasteners - Fasteners that loosen over time may eventually cause leaks.
  • Flashing - Flashing is one of the first parts of the roof to deteriorate and may need to be replaced periodically. Look for cracking and corrosion.

4. Know When to Repair or Replace

If the inspection reveals signs that your roof needs repair or replacement contact a roofing company immediately for help. Don't wait until winter!

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