3 Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

3 Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

Developers and commercial building owners have an opportunity to lower utility costs by installing solar panels on their metal roofs. As energy costs hover at all-time highs, there may be no better time to install solar panels on your metal roof than right now. Sustainable energy will stabilize electricity costs, support a cleaner environment, and property owners may be eligible for tax incentives. If you are considering taking proactive measures to manage expenses, these are things to consider when installing solar panels on your metal roof.

1. Schedule a Roof Inspection

A properly installed and maintained metal roof typically lasts for up to 70 years. But before signing up for a solar panel installation, it’s crucial to have the roof’s condition examined. Some of the common metal roof installation missteps include the following.

  • Metal shaving getting trapped and rusting
  • Improperly installed underlayment
  • Over- or under-tightened fasteners

These issues require solutions before panels cover them, making repairs increasingly more difficult. It’s also important to repair any weather-driven damage such as loose panels and flashing, or dents from hard impacts.

2. Plan for Equipment Servicing

Although property owners may want to maximize their metal roof square footage, it’s essential to craft an installation plan that accounts for equipment servicing. Although HVAC systems rank among the most commonly serviced units, commercial metal buildings are often outfitted with advanced technology that also requires ongoing attention.

It may prove worthwhile to work with an experienced metal building contractor who can develop a solar panel layout. A firm that designs and constructs metal buildings understands the space requirements to access equipment. A metal building contractor knows where cables and delicate wiring are located and can estimate future roof space needs. The point is to install a solar panel system on your metal roof that won’t create unnecessary headaches later.

3. Metal Roofs are Ideal for Solar Panels

Metal roofing systems possess the infrastructure to support solar panels. Buildings with standing seam metal products rank among the most cost-effective installations. Solar panel manufacturers offer clamping systems that minimize or eliminate drilling. The clamps are usually made from high-strength aluminum and use a single bolt to tighten and secure it and the panels’ 24-inch on-center standing seams.

Structures with metallic corrugated roofs use slightly different brackets to lock solar panels in place. These are sometimes bolted down on the crest of two corrugations, leaving space for rainwater to flow underneath. In cases where the crests are spaced out, single-seam brackets are employed.

The corrugated attachments generally come with rubber gaskets positioned between the roof and bracket, avoiding the need for sometimes messy industrial adhesives. Even if a gasket falters under harsh weather conditions over years, a metal roof technician can easily replace the gasket.

Contact A Metal Building Professional Before Installing Solar Panels

Solar energy systems are an effective way to reduce utility bills, improve property value, and support a clean environment when thoughtfully installed. If you are considering adding solar to a commercial metal building, contact the experts at Dutton & Garfield, Inc. today.