Why Choose Design-Build Project Delivery for Your Next Construction Project?

The design of traditional project delivery in the construction industry makes it vulnerable to conflict from the start. The process requires the project owner to manage separate contracts with the contractor and designer, which can put them at odds with one another.

When something goes wrong with the project, the two parties tend to blame each other. Not only does this delay completion of the project, but it can force the contractor and designer into a court case to settle their dispute. The fact that the designer and contractor typically have subcontractors working for them only adds to the complexity.

How the Design-Build Process is Different

With the design-build process offered by Dutton & Garfield, Inc., the construction project owner maintains a single contract and has just one area of responsibility. Contractors and designers work with the project owner as a team from the beginning of the construction work. They provide recommendations to the owner according to the company’s budget and schedule.

When the inevitable delays or changes arise, the entire team addresses them together. Taking this approach eliminates counter-productive blaming of the other party and leads to collaboration, innovation, and shared problem-solving instead. Single-source contracting is the major difference between traditional methods of construction and design-build. However, the most important thing is that it encourages a culture of collaboration rather than conflict.

Design-Build Has Become a Significant Construction Industry Trend

The last two decades have ushered in a change in the way all parties involved in a construction project plan and complete it. Once considered an alternative method that few used, design-build has become the preferred way to complete projects in both the private and public sectors. The method has become more popular than design-bid-build, multiple-prime contractors, and construction management, all of which have been part of the construction industry for much longer.

The result of the widespread use of the design-build process is that disputes and change orders are a rare occurrence. What we have seen when using design-build at Dutton & Garfield is that it becomes more of a mindset than a process. People go into the project with a lighter attitude knowing they are on the same side. Their mentality shifts from being defensive and only interested in their own role to acting as a team with the same goals.

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