Metal Buildings – Infrastructure that Protects Your Business

Metal Buildings – Infrastructure that Protects Your Business

With so many considerations vying for your attention each day as you run your company, ideally you will have solutions in place to remove some of the pressure that comes with any successful business.

For many stakeholders, a major headache is worrying about the infrastructure they rely on to protect raw goods and supplies, finished products, equipment and machinery, and so on. A stable and worry-free building also gives you more peace of mind when it comes to the morale and safety of your workers, vendors, and other visitors.

Potential Issues with Traditionally Constructed Wood Buildings

Ongoing maintenance and the associated costs have to figure into your balance sheets, along with a potential need to cover repairs when maintenance fails to address an emerging problem with the structure.

Then, there are issues with vermin control. If your company’s building is attacked by termites, the cost to treat the structure can be quite a hit to your bottom line What’s more, you’ll have to take time off, shutting down production until the termite treatment process has been completed.

Many people find metal buildings appealing because they resist mold, termites, and fire. So, a metal building may be just what you and your fellow stakeholders have been looking for to improve your operations (or to provide you with working space for a new startup).


A building made of metal will naturally resist mold. That’s because inorganic steel does not provide support for mildew, fungus, or mold. That’s a major benefit to companies that want to avoid damage to their products and equipment, as well as to protect the health of workers in the facility. Inhaling mold spores can be hazardous to your health. Also, you cannot predict what kind of damage it might do to your equipment, supplies, or products.


The bane of homeowners and business owners alike, termites attack wooden buildings. If discovered early enough, you can treat the building to remove the pests. But sometimes the damage is so severe that you have to rebuild or add significant support to the structure. With a metal building, you no longer have to be concerned about termite infestations, giving you one less headache in running your business. Instead of dealing with downtime while exterminators tent your building, you can continue working without worrying about critters chewing through the structure.


A major fear of company stakeholders is the destruction of their facilities and the potential injury or death of employees because of the building catching fire. This is why so many organizations opt for a metal building. It’s not only stronger and sturdier than traditional wooden buildings, steel is impervious to fire and will keep everyone on the premises safe from harm. Talk with your insurance provider about the bottom-line benefits of metal versus wooden buildings in terms of fire safety.

A Metal Building to Improve Your Business Operations

Selecting a building that resists mold, termites and fire is a great option for many business owners and managers. That’s what Dutton & Garfield’s president Steven R. Webster has learned over the past 50 years as a construction and design expert.

If you’ve already determined that the best option is to go with a metal building for your organization, we’re happy to consult with you about the details. And if you have any questions about what’s involved in switching over to metal buildings from traditional structures, the team at Dutton & Garfield is standing by to assist. To learn more about metal buildings, get in touch with us today.